Visualize your fretboard

Selecting scales

JazzForge has three edit modes: edit, view and play. The view mode provides different choices to visualize notes in your fretboard that you can use to practice different exercises.

First, select the view mode by clicking the view icon in the mode selector bar view mode(top left area of the screen).

You will see a new toolbar note group selector at the top right where you can associate different groups of notes to the symbols diamond and circle. Such group notes will be highlighted in the fretboard with the corresponding symbol.

For instance, you can highlight the guide tones (the 3rd and the 7th grades) with the diamond symbol and hide the rest of the notes (select “Empty” for the circle symbol). Or you could highlight triads and see the rest of the notes of the scale in a circle. Try different options and see different kind of exercises you can practices.